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To be a church of regular people living life with God at our center as we proclaim and practice the theology of the Kingdom of God; trying to follow Jesus doing the things Jesus did.


To be a diverse people and build community. A people relying on the power of Holy Spirit to heal and be healed.

Jeremiah 31:9 Gathering a people back to the Lord who will come with weeping for joy as He takes their hands and leads them to streams of water where they will not stumble.

Come as you are

We welcome you regardless of what you believe, how you were raised or what you’ve done.  All are welcome at any point in their faith journey.

We think that despite religiously charged politics, religious church culture and many other things that make many people cringe, God is actually here with us and cares for every person.  The gospel Jesus shared was simple, pure and the answer for life.  Faith is not just for religious people, but available to everyone in every walk of life.

Life groups

Life groups are central to the life of the church and provide opportunity to be in relationship with others, a place to learn and grow together in following Jesus, an opportunity to get and give prayer support.

Meeting times, location and subject or specialty groups vary for questions contact us.

A great way to get to know the Stream Vineyard is to see the things we really care about:

The Kingdom of God.

We believe that God cares about our world so much, that Jesus’ coming was not about a new religion, but about a divine invasion to redeem all people and creation from the brokenness in the world.  We think that God is actively doing this, breaking into our world today in natural and supernatural ways to continue this work.  This shapes everything we do and creates an ‘activist’ culture of loving all people, caring for the people around us and expectation that God is actually with us.

We think that God is actively doing this, breaking into our world today in natural and supernatural ways to continue this work.  This shapes everything we do and creates a culture of loving all people, caring for the people around us and knowing that God is actually with us.

Relationship with God and one another.

Everything we do springs from this relationship.  The gospel is a “gospel of relationship.”  We very much value friendship and relationship with one another.  This happens in Sunday services, organized Life group meetings during the week and organic friendships that happen.  We always want to respect people.

Worship as a way of life.

Worship is not just something we do on Sundays, but something that all creation was created to and longs to do.  For us this means coming before God with gratitude, not as ritual or duty but in a way that is true to who we are, honest and real.

Treating the Bible as our manual for living life with God.

We view the Bible as the inspired, authoritative word and story of God.  We study it in proper historical, cultural and academic context, never trying to slant it to meet our agenda.  We aim to teach the Bible with a balanced approach in a way that is practical for life.

Being attractive, “naturally-supernatural” followers of Jesus.

We use a straightforward approach to the Christian life that is simple and accessible even for non-church goers.  Our culture is contemporary, informal, diverse, relaxed and friendly, avoiding hype and manipulation in all we do.  We value every member having a part to play and try to be “naturally supernatural.”

Sharing the good news about Jesus with others.

We understand that our church community does not exist for itself, but for the “outsiders.”  We want to be the good news to our neighbors and co-workers, looking after the poor (in the various implications of poor). We are committed to Multiply Vineyard, starting new churches throughout Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic.

About Vineyard USA

In 1982, John Wimber, who had been a pastor and church consultant, was asked to serve as the leader of a newly formed association of about nine churches (all in Southern California) that now call themselves Vineyard USA.

What started as a humble beginning has grown to more than 1,500 churches worldwide.  Vineyard churches have been planted in many nations including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Russia, Turkey, throughout the European continent, Africa, Southeast Asia, and in Australia. God has shown us, however, that His desire is not just to build the Vineyard, but that we should promote His Kingdom, and encourage, build, and love the whole church.
For more information on the Vineyard and it’s history visit Vineyard USA